30 The Funniest Pics Of Dogs Acting Weird

16. My Friend’s Dog Has Been Clingy Since She Rescued Him As A Pup. Now He Follows Her Around And Paws At Her Until She Lets Him Hold Her Hand


17. Meet Buster


18. Left My Baby Husky Alone For A Minute, And I Come Back To This


19. Ever Since My Boss Got A New Puppy, The Other Two Have Been Fighting To Get Attention


20. My Mom’s Dog Has To Show You All Of Her Toys As Soon As You Get There

21. This Is How My Neighbours Dog Gets Attention


22. I Was Wrestling With My Dog And Forgot That He Never Misses An Opportunity To Eat


23. This Would Be My Dogs Tinder Profile Picture


24. I’m Dogsitting The Most Interesting Dog In The World. Every Time I Walk Through The Living Room, He’s Got A New Pose For Me


25. This Dog Was Following Me Around Today And Every Time I Turned To Pet Him He Would Look Away And Pretend Not To Notice Me


26. He’s Not Allowed To Sleep In Our Bed. So He Somehow Dragged His Own Bed Onto Ours To Hang Out With U

27. Every Day I Walk My Dog, He Finds The Biggest Stick Possible To Bring As A Gift/Sacrifice For The ‘Big Dogs’


28. This Is How My Dog Is Sleeping Right Now

funny dogsCarbman

29. My Dogs Fell Asleep Playing With A Tennis Ball


30. My Co-Worker Wanted To Check-In On Her Dogs And Realized She Left The TV On

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