She Ordered the Wrong Size of Dog Bed, not that it Mattered!

It’s happened to everyone at least once when shopping online. You see something that you like, don’t take the time to read the fine print, order it anyway only to be surprised it’s not quite what you expected!

That is exactly what happened to dog-owner and Twitter user named @paetonmathes after she purchased a new dog bed for her pet pooch Kenny.

Thinking she was ordered a standard size dog bed, she was pleasantly surprised to see that it was somewhat smaller than she imagined!

However, Kenny wasn’t deterred, looking ever the grateful pet when photographed with his new bed. After posting them on Twitter, the internet rejoiced with glee at the cute and awkward photos of Kenny sitting on the tiny bed, getting more than 60K shares and 135K likes!

We are happy to report that Kenny eventually got a new bed that was better suited to his size!