40 Of The Funniest Moments That Happened In Weddings

11. Someone Isn’t Taking This Whole Wedding Thing Serious

weddingsChris Davis

12. We Recently Celebrated Our One-Year Anniversary. In Celebration, Here’s My Favorite Photo From The Wedding- Flower Nana


13. Black Kitty Wedding Crasher, Who’s Known To Wander Around The Church, Decides To Lay Down On The Bride’s Dress During The Ceremony

weddingsWagner Breciane

14. Sometimes The Hotel Holding Your Wedding Also Has A Fetish Ball Booked


15. I Was Recently The Flower Man In A Wedding


16. Couple Have An Unexpected Visitor At Their Wedding Ceremony Held In A South African Nature Preserve

Stephanie Norman Photography

17. This Wedding Cake


18. Our Wedding’s Beer Burros Wanted To Be A Part Of The Picture


19. My Friend Held A BBQ After His Wedding. These Two From Different Sides Of The New Family, Turned Up Like This


20. A Pig Ran Through Grandmas Wedding Photo – 1927