40 Of The Funniest Moments That Happened In Weddings

Even if most weddings are boring some of them might be fun too. Here are 40 funny moments that will make you laughed from weddings.

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1. We Thought It Was Sad That Most Women Only Get To Wear Their Wedding Dress Once, So We Invited All The Women Coming To Our Non-Traditional Wedding To Wear Their Old Wedding Dresses Again


2. Bride Who Is A Computer Engineer Doesn’t Have Any Girlfriends, So She Invites Her Bros Instead

Fernando Duque Fotografia

3. After Being Divorced For 25+ Years, My Parents Reconnected, Moved To Texas And Bought A Farm. Today They Are Getting Married Again. This Is Their Wedding Portrait


4. The Grandparents From This Weekend’s Wedding. No Words

Teale Photography

5. A British Couple Jokingly Invited Queen Elizabeth To Their 2012 Wedding And She Actually Showed Up


6. My Friend Had A Medieval Themed Wedding And Her Grandpa Showed Up Like This


7. My 6 Year Old Cousin Was The Dj At His Mom’s Wedding The Other Night. I Would Say This Majestic Shot Summed Up His Night


8. The Photographer Caught Me And My Dad Trying To Hide From Having To Take More Pictures For My Sister’s Wedding


9. Lovely Surprise


10. My Friend (The Bride) Swapped Clothes With Her Groom Half Way Through The Wedding