40 Pictures That Show The Frightening Side Of Nature

11. Snapdragon Seed Pods Look Like Skulls

frightening natureericd420

12. Those Fishes Are Literally Lit

13. The Eyes And Teeth Of A Scallop

frightening natureLuke-HW

14. This Is A Hammerhead Bat And Is By Far The Creepiest Animal I’ve Seen


15. My Gecko Ate His Tail


16. This Is Why You Always Have To Check The Toilet In Australia

frightening natureMeanwhile in Australia

17. These Plants Look Like Tiny Hands


18. The Clathrus Archeri Fungus Resembles Some Pretty Metal Tentacles Sprouting From An Alien Egg When It Blooms

frightening nature


19. Currently Renovating Our Floors. Seems Everyone Has Come Out Of Hiding


20. All I Know Is That It Needs To Burn

frightening natureAlphawolfdog