Weird Animals You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Sometimes there could be a little jealous of the creativity of evolution — the animals it has made are sometimes unbelievable. Here’s a list of a little bit weird animals that nature designed them in a rush!

1. This kitten has a tiny cat mark on his face.

weird animalsTOKAITRICK

2. This Spectacled Eider lives in Alaska and Siberia.

weird animalsOlaf Oliviero Riemer

3. Jorunna Parva is a sea slug that’s nicknamed the “sea bunny.”

weird animalsIzuzuki Diver

4. This is a bearded barbet from the African barbet family.


5. Indri, one of the largest lemurs currently in existence

weird animalsPierre-Yves Babelon

6. Portrait of a golden pheasant

Bjørn Christian Tørrissen

7. The tomato frog produces a special venomous chemical that can cause numbness in a predator’s mouth and eyes.

ugly animalsDavid Parsons

8. The radiated tortoise is protected by a special law.

9. The Andean cock-of-the-rock is one of the official symbols of Peru.

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10. Gharials mostly eat fish, which is why they have such narrow jaws.

ugly animalswrangel

11. Southern viscacha, a rodent in the family Chinchillidae

Jeremy Richards

12. Leaf-tailed geckos live in Madagascar.

ugly animalsreptiles4all

13. The Honduran white bat doesn’t have a tail.

ugly animalsGeoff Gallice

14. Tridacna can weigh more than 550 lb.

ugly animalsEwa Barska