Françoise Hardy: The Leading Girl of the Yé-yé Movement in the 1960s

Françoise Hardy was a singer and songwriter from France who started recording music in the early 1960s with the French record company “Disques Vogue.” It didn’t take long for her to be successful after the release of her hit song “Tous les garcons et les filles.” This was right around the time that the yé-yé movement was taking place in France. Hardy was considered to be the leading figure of this movement because she was leading the French music scene at the time.

As Hardy’s fame continued to get bigger, she began to get offers from foreign music companies to record songs in other languages. Hardy even got numerous movie offers and the chance to tour Europe. During this time, Hardy began modeling for a photographer named Jean-Marie Perier who took pictures of her in various situations. Hardy soon became popular in the fashion world as a result. Perier’s color photo collection of Hardy features pictures of her in the 1960s and even the early 1970s. Her beauty is the most stunning thing about all these pictures.