10+ People Shared Pics Of Foxes That Found In Their Houses

14. Caught This Fox Napping In My Garden

foxes visit housesHoydenCaulfield

15. Well That’s A First. Usually The Foxes Are More…


16. Our Local Fox Is Getting More Brave


17. A Fox Sneaked Into A Furniture Shop And Chilled On Top Of One Of The Couches. He Was Lured Out With Pancakes


18. Our Humane Officer Was Called Out To Ocean Beach Yesterday Because A Resident There Reported A Critter Had Gotten Into Her House. The Resident’s Dog Was Playing With An Unknown Animal, Who Ended Up Running Into The House

foxes visit homesSan Diego Humane Society

19. Visited By Foxe

foxes visit homesFeatureworld

20. One Wandered In To Our House Yesterday And Ate My Headphones


21. Friendly Fox


22. Here’s A Fox Who Wandered Upstairs To Check Out My Bookshelf A While Ago


23. A Fox I Met On A Balcony That Sat With Me For At Least 10 Minutes


24. So A Fox Decided To Show Up Outside My Door In The Middle Of The Night


25. Becoming Buddies With A Fox That Wandered Into Our House


26. A Little Visitor

foxes visit homesCavemanJaySole