Nature’s Magical Little Moments By Austrian Photographer

A wildlife photographer from Austria, Julian Rad captures the most lovable wild animal shots of squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, and other small animals in their natural habitat. These stunning pictures show small animals at peace in the forest.

wildlife photography

Rad uses his natural surroundings as inspiration. He has an incredible talent for capturing these simple but beautiful moments. Talented photographer creates magical displays through skill, patience, and precision.

Take a look at these images that evoke emotions!  A ground squirrel that enjoys sniffing a flower, a hamster eating its delicious breakfast, or a red squirrel carrying a walnut – each of them tells a story.

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squirrel with nuts

squirrel reflection


rabbit smells flower

wildlife photos

mouse eating

wildlife captures

small animal smells flowers

little hamster


squirrel drinking water