20 Pics That Show What Happens To Things When We Forget About Them

11. “The seeds sprouting right out of this tomato I forgot about.”

forget© CarefulDanger / Reddit

12. “Red velvet cake that was forgotten for an unknown amount of time.”

© nsorenson13 / Reddit

13. “I went into the office for the first time since March 2020 and found the kiwi I left on my desk.”

forget© theskinwearein / Reddit

14. Forgotten highway

© Mammoth_Aide1610/ Reddit

15. “Forgot my cup of coffee in the freezer and this happened.”

forget© OmniaAmor / Reddit

16. “Abandoned Baltimore row house”

© bingbong1010 / Reddit

17. “It’s not cotton candy. My wife forgot about bread in the breadbox for 3 weeks.”

forget© YellowOnline / Reddit

18. “What happens if you leave an apple and a banana for 6 months…”

© RedCatBro / Reddit

19. “This sack of potatoes I left in the basement about 4 months ago and forgot about.”

forget© peepees**ker69420 / Reddit

20. “A beekeeper forgot to put a frame in the box and this is what they made after one week.”

© jelly_bean_gangbang / Reddit