20 Pics That Show What Happens To Things When We Forget About Them

Things change with time, especially consumer goods. Here are 20 pics that show what happens to things when we forget about them.

1. “I left a summer roll on my desk for 4 days. The bean sprouts are sprouting.”

forget© indorock / Reddit

2. “My son’s watercolors got left in the sun, and they shrunk into round balls.”

© studteaing / Reddit

3. “A tree growing on top of an abandoned house”

forget© afrika1308 / Reddit

4. “Jar of pickles bleached white by the sun, found in the desert”

© dustyb**ch / Reddit

5. “A shopping cart left by the docks”

forget© prone2wand3r / Reddit

6. “We forgot the chain on the tree…”

© the_son_of_misery / Reddit

7. “Container of saltwater I left on my shelf for a month.”

forget© GPKeikei / Reddit

8. “I forgot 2 green peppers in my fridge. One of them turned red while the other stayed green.”

© Alexxpz / Reddit

9. “This boiled egg I forgot in the fridge that dried up.”

forget© gabriel_f / Reddit

10. “Tucked the pages I had read into the book cover and then forgot about the book for 3 months. The exposed pages aged significantly faster!”

© poachedegggirl / Reddit