Food Blogger Continues to Meticulously Transform Avocados into Edible Masterpieces

Are you someone who loves to make dessert? If so, then you know the true art of presentation. After all, what’s the point in going through all of that hard work to make a gorgeous cake if you don’t frost it correctly? Well, take a look at this true artist, who does his best to make sure that his work with avocado is nothing short of amazing. He creates gorgeous masterpieces with avocado so that you can see nothing but the final art form, not to mention a designer taste that is really going to make you feel as though you are eating something out a magazine.

Heck, one look at these great pictures and you’re going to think that they should be in a magazine. There is definitely an art in food, and it extends to things much further than dessert. These photos prove the point directly, so take a look at them for yourself and prepare to be amazed.

Colette Dike: Website | Instagram

foodeco1Avocado on a crispy rice waffle with black salt, lime zest, cress, rose petals, chili and peas

foodeco2Avocado on a crispy rice waffle with black salt, lime zest, cress, rose petals, chili and peas

foodeco3Goat cheese, cress, baby basil, chili flakes and a heart-shaped avocado

foodeco4Vegan “caprese” with coeur de boeuf tomatoes and an avocado rose

foodeco5“Scramble Garden” with ginger, poppy seeds, jalapeno, cilantro, pomegranate, asparagus ribbons, spring onions and tomberries (the world’s smallest tomato)

fooddeco6Sweet potato hasselbacks in massaman curry topped with cilantro, smoked paprika and avocado

foodeco7Cod ceviche with crispy capers served on a green asparagus “braid”


Avocado, hazelnut milk, honey and cacao powder

foodeco9Avocado, pomegranate seeds, and tahini creme

foodeco10Curried pea spread and avocado swirl

foodeco11Curried toast, mango ribbons, and avocado roses

foodeco12Sweet potato, spicy hummus, crispy chickpeas, and avocado roses

foodeco13Curried portobello mushrooms, avocado rose, and sesame seeds

foodeco14Smoke salmon, truffle mayo, capers, red onion, lettuce