18 Cars Fixed With Creativity By People Instead Of A Car Service

Some people want to fix their cars when they had damages that may be solved with alternative ways. There are myriad ways to incorporate imperfections on cars. Creative and funny auto repair works can sometimes make the car look even better. Check out a few imaginative examples and a few failed ones!

1. Dent Covered With A Detailed Map Of The Region Using A Permanent Marker Pen

creative car fix

2. If Anybody Has Thor’s Number, I Found His Hammer


3. That’s One Way To Deal With Car Scratches

creative car dents

4. Making The Best Out Of A Bad Situation

5. This Car Scratch Cover Up


6. Mailbox: 1, Honda: 0


7. The Way The Owner Of This Car Dealt With His Dent


8. Nice Way To Cover Up The Dents


9. My Ninja Turtles Drawing On A Bumper Dent