Extremely Rare Historic Photos Hardly Anyone Has Seen

Got a Light?

Ever heard of the flamethrowers? They were used during the Eastern Front war. These great soldiers from Germany used the flamethrower in lighting their cigarettes. I bet your lighter can not be this cool.

Got Light

Margret and the Troops

A little after the surrender of Argentina during the Falklands War, young Margret Thatcher put up a photo pose with the British troops.


 NASA’s Calculations

Considering the employee’s very tasking manner of data presentation and calculations before the introduction of computers, NASA feels greatly relieved with much appreciation.


Child’s Play

Hyperinflation season of year 1992, in Weimar Republic. That posture displays a few German children play around with stacks of money. Just wonder if this could still happen now!

Childs Play

Funny Face

1945 snapshot of some allied soldiers that mocked Hitler from the balcony of the Reich Chancellery. Isn’t it amazing to see these hilarious scenes of rebellion exist even in those dark moments?

Funny face

Disturbing Footage

Soldiers of Nazi being made to watch the footage of happenings in concentration camps with force. Picture shows some feeling of their actions.

Disturbing Footage

Haunting Remains

One among the uncommon pictures shot directly after Chernobyl. Mass of melted nuclear fuel in the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster is on display.

Haunting Remains