20 Most Iconic Photographs And The Cameras That Captured Them

Even though iconic historical photos might be known by all, far from everyone knows about the superstar photographers who took them. However, nobody knows the cameras that capture these iconic photos. Check out some of them below!

1. “Earthrise” By William Anders, 1968 / Modified Hasselblad 500 El

Iconic Photographs And The Cameras

2. “Tank Man” By Jeff Widener, 1989 / Nikon Fe2

3. Lyle Owerko, 2001 / Fuji 645zi

4. “Burning Monk” By Malcolm Browne, 1963 / Petri

5. “Afghan Girl” By Steve McCurry, 1984 / Nikon Fm2

6. “The Hindenburg Disaster” By Sam Shere, 1937 / Speed Graphic

Cameras of Iconic Photographs

7. “Migrant Mother” By Dorothea Lange, 1936 / Graflex Super D

Cameras of Iconic Photographs

8. “Fire Escape Collapse” By Stanley Forman, 1975 / Nikon F

9. “D-Day” By Robert Capa, 1944 / Contax Ii

Iconic Photographs' The Cameras

10. Abbey Road Album Cover By Iain Macmillan, 1969 / Hasselblad

Cameras of Iconic Photographs