30 Unbelievable Items That Are Really Old Yet Durable

#21 My Mom And Dad Got Matching North Face Down Jackets After Their Wedding 35 Years Ago. Still Being Worn Today. Now That My Dad Won’t Be Wearing His Anymore, It’s Up To Me To Make Sure It Continues To Get Used


#22 Going On Twenty Years. (Sorel)

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#23 My Mom Surprised My Son And Brought One Of My Favorite Toys From My Childhood. It’s Probably About 25 Years Old And He’s Already Been Using It Daily – Just As I Did. Thanks Mom

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#24 My Jewish Great-Grandparents Used This Travelling Case When They Moved From Izmir, Ottoman Empire To Argentina In 1910. Still Functional

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#25 This 117+-Year-Old Coffee Grinder From Peugeot (Yes, The Car Maker)


#26 Sure, You May Lose A Finger, But My Emerson Table Fan Has Been Going Strong For Over 70 Years

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#27 Picked Up This Basset Bedroom Set From The Original Owners. Around 60 Years Old. Ready For Another Lifetime Of Use

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#28 Vintage Farmhouse (Cast Iron) Sink Is Around 100 Years Old And Still Looks Great – Just Got Refinished Last Week!


#29 LEGO, My LEGO Being Played With Again 40 Years Later…


#30 When My Grandfather Passed Away, I Inherited His Auto Crawler. Still Using It To Change My Oil After 80 Years. (X-Post)

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