Dragon Lizard Caught Playing Leaf Guitar In Indonesia

A dragon lizard was spotted showcasing its musical abilities recently in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. A professional photographer from Yogyakarta, Aditya Permana, captured this amazing photo when he was randomly clicking the pictures of a forest dragon lizard. In the photo he has captured, it appears as if the forest dragon lizard is playing a guitar.

Also, when he published the photograph, he claimed that he did not try to manipulate the lizard in any way and the pose it gave was natural. He said that he does not click pictures of lizards until they get comfortable with his presence and let him click its pictures. Facebook | 500px | Twitter (h/t: dailymail)

The forest dragon lizard is appearing to play guitar in this image.

dragon lizard

As per Aditya Permana, the photographer, it was a natural pose.

dragon lizard