30 Amazing Transformations Of Dog After Haircuts

11. Our 9-Year-Old Goldendoodle Got Her First Grooming Since Quarantine. Our Other Dog Barked At Her When She Came Home


12. My Boy, Before And After Going To The Groomer. Went From Dirty Biker To Innocent Preacher’s Kid

dog haircutDusty_237

13. Life Lesson Learned. Be Very Specific When Explaining How You Want Your Dog Be Groomed. Dropped Off A Shihtzu, Picked Up A Llama

dog haircutkarlest98

14. Fired My Groomer Today

dog haircutcurlyshea

15. He Looked Like The Squirrel From Ice Age

dog haircut

16. Took Doggo To A Groomer. Got A Different Doggo Back


17. Oliver, Our 8-Month-Old English Sheepdog (Bobtail) Shed His Puppy Coat At The Groomers. I Didn’t Recognize Him At First


18. My Good Boy Got His Summer Haircut


19. My Pupper After I Adopted Him, And After I Had Him Groomed


20. What A Difference A Haircut Can Make