30 Amazing Transformations Of Dog After Haircuts

People share photos of their dogs before and after they take them to the groomers. Here are the most hilarious post-haircut ‘not my dog’ moments.

1. My Dog Got A Haircut, And Now It Looks Like He Gave Up Drinking


2. That’s A Different Dog


3. My Sweet Girl Cheech Is 15 Years Old. After Her Haircuts, Everyone Always Thinks She’s A Puppy


4. This Is The Same Dog. My Friend Adopted Her After She Just Showed Up On Her Porch. I Groomed Her And Made Her Brand New Babe Feeling So Fresh And Clean


5. New Haircut, Same Smile


6. We Rescued A Maltese From A Puppy Mill In Georgia That Got Busted With Over 700 Dogs This Weekend. After 3 Hours Of Cutting Matted Hair And Bathing, Here Is Luna’s Before And After


7. From Shaggy To Happy. Total Transformation


8. My Friend Had To Triple Check With The Groomer To Make Sure He Was Bringing Home The Right Dog


9. It’s 32°C Degrees (90°F) Outside, So My Dog, One-Eyed Snuggles, Needed A Groomer


10. My Puppy Otis Got His First Haircut. I’m Not Sure They Gave Me Back The Same Dog