Levitating DIY Cloud Light Brings Airy Illumination Indoors

Clouds appear to be strong sources of fluffiness and we would love to have it indoors as well! With a creative bunch of people out there, you can now bring the nature inside to your bedroom without much cost and it is a DIY project. Like a Riot, a lifestyle blog, has come up with something new that has never been done before! The cloud light they have created is airy, levitating and it will not cost you a fortune. It can be done in as less as $73.

It comprises of a white pendant lamp and all that you have to do it add volume to it. It comprises of a fiber fill named bastelwatte, which is a light material and you can pull it apart to make it appear like cloud. The desired shape of cloud can be achieved using Styrofoam balls and fluffy fiber, which will create the structure. After this, you can finish is using an LED light chain that will make it appear like a foam.

If you wish to do it, you can go to the blog post of Like a Riot regarding the DIY instructions. Now, get the cloud inside your room within a few hours!

Here’s the finished product:

This is the cloud light in progress. Would you try this?

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