40 Hilarious Photos ‘Awful Taste But Great Execution’

There’s a subreddit called Awful Taste But Great Execution that is dedicated to collect bad ideas or terrible product designs.

Here is our previous ‘Awful Taste But Great Execution’ post.

1. Hearse

awful tastejmdeherrera

2. This Day Of The Dead Costume


3. This “Up Cycled” Bathtub

awful tastehippolottaass

4. Orange County Museum Of Art


5. That Stool

awful tastecernovir

6. This Beard, Oh My God That Beard


7. This Family Photo. Sure It’s The Kid’s Gonna Be Posting It R/Blunderyears In A Couple Years

awful tastenewmoneyblownmoney

8. Great Paint Job, Less Than Tasteful Color Palette


9. This Rat Taxidermied As Gary Oldman’s Dracula

awful tasteAlexandra Rose Taxidermy

10. Salarmy Of The Dead