Amazing Village Built Exclusively For People With Dementia

Finally, people suffering from dementia can live in a place where they can roam free, without anyone bothering them or looking at them weird. The place is in Holland, and it is named Hogeweyk. It is a small village, rather than a creepy hospital or treating center. Everything around here goes on just like in any other communities.

People With DementiaMadeleine Sars, Eindhoven

People can go shopping, they have they own houses with gardens, even a beauty salon. It looks like the best community ever, where people can lead happy lives, without being confined in small hospital saloons.

People With DementiaNiek Roozen, Weesp

Any form of dementia is not an easy illness to handles, and it was always a stressful matter when someone we love became ill. We all want the best treatment for them, but without throwing them into a nursing home. It is the restrictions and lack of freedom that are making the diseases even grimmer that it is. So this place brought hope to everyone.

People With DementiaAnita Edridge

Of course, this unique village has gates and confined surroundings so that an Alzheimer sufferer will not get lost or hurt. Everything is done in the secured perimeters of the charming village.

People With DementiaMadeleine Sars, Eindhoven

People With DementiaKopArt, Amstelveen 

The people who live here are not left entirely to themselves. Let us not forget that they are suffering from an illness. Nurses are everywhere in the village, ready to offer their services to anyone in need. But they dress normally and interact with their patients, not making them feel in any way that they are housed in a hospital.

People With DementiaHans Erkelens, Flickr

People With DementiaHans Erkelens, Flickr