What’s Your Creepiest Coincidental Experience?


This didn’t happen to me, but it happened to my ex. He was at a singles tennis tournament as a kid and he was reading the roster. According to the sheet, he was playing himself. Turns out, his opponent had the same very uncommon first name, middle initial, and last name. Years passed, and someone shouted his name in a grocery store and he turned around… so did his tennis opponent.


The first was the day I interviewed for a graduate assistantship. That evening, the girlfriend and I hit an Asian joint, and my fortune read, “An important discussion involving you will take place today.” A day later, I was offer the position.

A week or so later, we got take-out from the same restaurant and went to a local park to eat. At the table we sat at, someone had left an iPod . There was no identifying information on the device, so I pocketed it and taped a note to the table telling whoever it was to check Craigslist lost and found for instructions on how to retrieve their Touch. They never replied, so I wound up keeping it, which my fortune cookie wanted me to do, anyway, because after finishing my meal, I was met with “You will soon receive an unusual gift freely given. Accept!”

Another week passes, and we again order take-out from the same place. Before getting our meal, though, I stop at a small used book store and buy a few novels. After lunch, I’m told “Treat yourself to a good book for a needed rest and escape.”

The next time I ate there my cookie contained “You will live a long and healthy life,” which I hope is as true as the previous trio. And, as if breaking the chain, the one after that was empty.


coincidental experienceMultipleColoredChloe

A couple years back, I had a dream of my grandfather, who I was not particularly close to by any means. In my dream I saw his casket formally covered by an American flag– he served in the military. He stood next to me in a room full of mourners and held my hand. He told me not to follow him out of the doors when he left. I watched him leave. When I woke up and went downstairs to get breakfast and call my father to tell him happy birthday, my older brother informed me that my grandfather had just passed away in his sleep while I also slept.

TL:DR: My father’s father came to me in my dream on the night of his death to wish me goodbye, which was also on my father’s birthday



When we were kids a group of us used to hang around near a small stream. One night we were there I got a really bad feeling, and told my friends I was going home. I begged them to come with me, but only one did. I practically legged it up the hill from the stream, I was so afraid. The next day I found out the girls that stayed got beaten by a girl gang less than fifteen minutes after I and our friend had left.

Still freaks me how I knew to get outa there.



My grandpa has always been the type of guy to love science fiction and the paranormal. One time he told me a story that has always freaked me out:

Years ago when my mother and her sisters were little, my grandpa had a ouija board that he liked to mess around with down in their basement. One day, he asked the ouija board questions about himself that the board could answer, i.e., ‘Where am I from?’ ‘What’s my address?’ ‘Who is my mother?’, just to see what it would say. He asked ‘How many daughters do I have?’ and it responded with ‘3.’ My grandpa said, ‘I have four,’ and the board responded with, ‘Not for long.’

Two weeks later one of his daughters died in a car crash.


In high school there was a kid who had the same middle and last name as me, the same birthday, and our parents had the same names. Not even kidding. It blew my mind.


coincidental experienceRaggedJagged

My aunt (dad’s sister) died young of cancer on October 3, 2007, when I was a junior in high school. In my senior year, I took advanced art and we were working on clay sculptures one day. At the tables of four, one person was instructed to go and grab a stack of old newspapers from a cabinet that contained hundreds of old newspapers the teacher supplied for protecting the tables during projects. Another guy goes to grab the paper and tosses me some for my area of the table. I begin work on my sculpture and realize my materials are on the obituary section. I read over them for a second and see my aunt’s obituary right where my hand was. The date happened to be October 2, 2008, and since 2008 was a leap year it was a full 365 days from my aunt’s death.

The stack of coincidences seemed too much for me, I believe it was her trying to give me a sign of something.


When I was in 7th grade I had a serious crush on a girl. One day her mom was driving a bunch of us somewhere and everyone was talking and making jokes. I can’t remember the exact conversation, but I had a moment of silence where it was my chance to make everyone laugh. I made a super lame joke that brought silence. My moment to impress was ruined.

Come 10 years later. I am driving a car with the kids of family friends. In the same seat in the back sits a kid that reminds me of me, and there is a girl in the front seat he likes. The EXACT conversation (something about not enough of us to do something) starts progressing. I look into the rear view mirror at the kid and was thinking “don’t say we will multiply. Don’t say we will multiply!” (Seriously wish I remember exactly what the conversation was). I was going to intervene before he said it but BAM he drops the same lame joke I did 10 years before. And it seriously had no context or comical value at all.

I was in awe like I was psychic (a useless one apparently). I’m assuming he did not get the girl either.


My grandmother was in hospice back when i was still in high school. My aunts family and my mom and all my siblings went to see her. As is common, she was pretty drugged with all kinds of morphine and wasnt making much sense. Didnt know who we were. Gibberish really. but she would keep mentioning, there was people near the ceiling and stuff. my aunt and mom kept trying to talk to her, asking if she was comfortable etc. then all of a sudden, she turns her head and stares at me. in the clearest voice id heard from her all day, she says, “oh my, there’s a little one next to you”, and smiles.

Still freaks me out.


My last boyfriend was a Dutch man from Amsterdam that I met in Saint Petersburg, Russia- and now I am seeing a man from Saint Petersburg, whom I met in Amsterdam. Mildly strange.