19 Times Creative People Turn Things Into Art

11. “Someone knitted a spring hat for my local postbox.”

creative people© wayofthegenttickle / Reddit

12. “Pac-Man address sign”

© Indoorsman101 / Reddit

13. “A whole house covered in neon yellow spray paint… for some reason”

creative people© Snooket / Reddit

14. “This coffee recycling station”

© suitablyuniquename / Reddit

15. “My local chain grocery store did a tulip design for tulip season.”

creative people© pettycactus / Reddit

16. “There’s a skate park shaped like bacon and eggs an hour outside of Seattle.”

© Gregor7 / Reddit

17. “This gate that allows horses but not vehicles”

creative people© Blencathra / Reddit

18. “The exterior of the old library inside the new library”

© Wacokidwilder / Reddit

19. “This plaque at the dog park commemorating a park record”

creative people© TheDangerStranger / Reddit