30 Clever Design Ideas That Benefit The Users

These solutions show companies do care about the people who use them. Here are design ideas that are clever, beneficial, and well-thought.

1. Found In The Ladies Restroom

clever designsdiscozap

2. The Dyslexie Font


3. This Is Amazing

clever designsoicutey

4. Let’s All Think Back To Middle School (Or Any Other Time) And Think About How Great It Would’ve Been To Have This Instead Of Needing To Muster The Courage To Ask Someone

clever designsGrey531

5. This Sign


6. When Tesla Has Common Sense


7. This Toilet Paper Roll Contains A Mini Paper Roll To Carry With You, Instead Of An Hollow Carbord Roll!

clever designsDearisneth

8. Save The Turtles

clever designs


9. The Strings On This Fan Show Which String Does What

clever designsG0pherholes

10. This Bottle That Is Designed To Use All The Liquid On It

clever designsreddit.com