These Crappy Wildlife Photos Are Very Good At Being Bad (Part III)

21. I Was Trying To Take A Photo Of A Chipmunk For A Friend In England Who Hasn’t Ever Seen One. Never Been This Badly Photo Bombed…

Diane Jhueck

22. It Was Fun Taking Photos Of The Bear In Our Yard, Until He Decided He Wanted To Visit Us On The Deck! Bears Can Run Fast!

funny wildlife photosMary Johnson

23. Deer Butt Sprinklers

Liz Pyles

24. Today I Was Taking Pics Of A Garden. Later As I Went Back Through Them I Wondered What That Black Blotch Was On The White Car? Turns Out I Caught A Bumble Bee Bumbling Along

Tina Daley

25. Always Adjust The Iso From The Previous Shot If Photographing In Different Light!

Paul Stone

26. That Time I Caught The Raccoons Smoking In The Garbage Dumpster

funny wildlife photosJoy Vinci

27. I Call Him Buddha ……. And Sir

funny crap wildlife photosLeanne Rae-Cannon

28. When That Wolf Comes Close And You Can Get The Shot Of A Lifetime, Focus Is Critical To Capture The Rich Detail Of The Fur

funny crap wildlife photos

Ryan Kendall Brook

29. Okay! Fine! Whatever…

Amy Nicolai

30. Even The Squirrels Have Given Up On 2020 (Edit- No Need To Be Concerned…the Squirrel Is Just Resting. She Moved On Quickly After

funny crap wildlife photosFaun Carlson