These Crappy Wildlife Photos Are Very Good At Being Bad (Part III)

11. I Found This Wizard Squirrel In A Pile Of Trash. It’s The Best Crap Photo I’ve Taken.

Sylvia Dove

12. This Is An Emu That Attacked My Car Window Several Years Ago At A Wild Animal Park In Oregon. Barely Got My Window Rolled Up Before This Demon Seed Tried To Attack Me. Note: It Was Light Outside But For Some Reason My Flash Went Off, Adding To The Drama

funny wildlife photosKimberly Holman Beltran

13. Have You Ever Laughed So Hard Water Squirted Out Your Nose?

Mike Kane

14. Oh S**t

funny wildlife photosVannah Willow

15. Whilst I Was Attempting To Catch The Grace And Elegance Of This Magnificent Pelican, Percy Slipped And Face Planted The Rock.

funny wildlife photosChristine Hibbert

16. I Heard Him Whistling As He Walked By. True Story

funny wildlife photosLaura Holman Graber

17. I Call It “Preaching To The Choir” But Draw Your Own Conclusions! Something Very Strange Is Definitely Going On Here!

funny wildlife photosBrenda James

18. Spread Ur Wings, Point Ur Toes, And Jump … This Was Almost A Cool Pic

funny wildlife photos

Betty Bennett

19. I Just Wanted A Nice Picture Of A Duck For A Uni Assignment…

Sally Black

20. Ascend

Jay Rosen