People Share Clever Tips That Would Be Very Useful Someday


clever tipsIThinkThingsThrough

Actual fires spread shockingly fast. We all like to play “What’s the one thing you’d grab if your house was on fire?” but the real right answer is that if it’s not alive, you should leave it and get the hell out. People tend to imagine a fire burning on the floor in a corner somewhere, but the reality is often that it’s running across the ceiling and circling around the walls. Just get out.



Don’t swim in Florida waterways at night, dusk, or dawn, because teeth. But if you should find yourself in the mouth of a hungry gator, don’t go for the standard eye poke, go for the nostril poke. Jamming your finger in their nostril breaks the seal they use to keep water out of their airways when submerged and they will release you instantly.


clever tipsporkscrapple

3 minutes without air. 3 days without water. 3 weeks without food.



If you feel uneasy like someone is watching you, someone or something (animal) likely may be watching/stalking you. Trust your gut feeling. Your brain picks up on things subconsciously that you do not notice.


There is no such thing as a fair fight. If it’s a life threatening situation, fight dirty. Attempt to bite if you are pinned down, and press the base of your thumbs onto their eyes if necessary. As soon as you get the opportunity, run towards the nearest place with people around, and report to the police

Obvious, but often people view fighting as a boxing match.



If you EVER get bit by a wild animal, no matter how it acts. Get. A. Rabies. Shot.

Rabies becomes a death sentence upon the onset of symptoms.



clever tipsFeature_Agitated

If you are stranded in the desert do not drink the “water” in a cactus. It will induce vomiting which will dehydrate and kill you faster


If you have been driving for a while and you find yourself or your mate, in the car starting to micro sleep. Pull over immediately and get some rest (~ 20 minute power nap with an alarm to wake you). Your/their reward is being alive and not wrapped around some tree.



Don’t be afraid to go to a psychologist.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of. I keep telling this to a friend of mine, but he keeps refusing. I try to help and listen, but in the end, there is only so much a normal person can do




If you get pulled out into a rip current at the beach, swim parallel to the shore to work your way out of the riptide rip current before trying to swim back to shore. Fighting against it directly is only going to exhaust you a ton faster.


clever tipsTuckerWarlock

Yell at a knife, whisper at a gun.

If you yell at an attacker with a knife, there is a small chance that could startle them and they drop it. At the least, you are attracting attention, and can get out of the situation.

Always whisper at someone with a gun, or at least, speak slowly and calmly. If you yell, that could startle them, and you could get shot.

Most weapons are used as intimidation, so if it’s your wallet they are after, talk calmly, give them your wallet, and back away slowly.


Get a carbon monoxide detector for your home and regularly check to make sure it has fresh batteries.



If you happen to be walking near a downed power line DO NOT take your feet off the ground. This can create a potential between you and the ground and cause a discharge through your body. Take small shuffling steps away (without picking your feet up) from the power line and call the authorities.



If you’ve gone two and a half or more days without water, and you have to choose between drinking water without any way to sanitize it or not drinking water, drink the water. If you don’t, you’ll definitely die soon. Most of the diseases you can get from bad water take a couple days to set in, which gives you more time to find help.




If you pull a weapon in self defense, use it, immediately! I’ve known a number of people to be seriously injured from hesitating.