People Share Clever Tips That Would Be Very Useful Someday


clever tipsjust-s0me-teenager

If the accelerator in your car gets stuck and you cannot stop, shift your car into neutral.



Trust your gut, if something doesn’t feel right then move to the other side of the street or change direction or don’t go down that dark alley that moans.


clever tipsDeodorized

If you’re outside in a lightning storm and your hair starts floating, seek immediate shelter. You’re about to be struck by lightning.



When you’re waiting to make a left turn, keep the wheels facing forward until you’re ready to go. If you get rear-ended, it can make the difference between just a fender-bender or getting launched into oncoming traffic and getting t-boned. They used to teach this in driver’s ed, but I don’t think my kids ever heard this from their instructors.


clever tipsmylifeisathrowaway10

If you are taken to the hospital and the doctors ask you if you have taken any drugs don’t just think about the illegal stuff also tell them if you’ve had small things like Advil or Tylenol it could save your life.



When someone shouts ‘duck’ , don’t question it and freakin duck.


clever tipsT1N0M0

If a canker sore in your mouth or on your tongue isn’t healing in about 2 weeks, it might not be a canker sore.

I’m going in to surgery today, and they will likely remove 100% of my oral cancer, because of early detection.



If someone gets stabbed, do NOT take the knife out if possible. If it stays in it acts as a plug to the hole and will reduce bloodloss. Apply pressure around the wound as best you can and call an ambulance.


clever tipsbaliniri

Assume other drivers are out to kill you… healthy paranoia when paying attention to other drivers is a great basis for successful defensive driving



A lot of choking deaths are actually due to embarrassment. If you’re choking, fight the urge to save face. Don’t go to the bathroom to fix it yourself, don’t sit silently and try to spit up the food yourself. Ask for help asap