30 Christmas Trees That Fitting Different Workplaces

21. This Canary Island’s Supermarket Christmas Tree Is Bananas

work place christmas treesdrinking-coffee

22. Encyclopedia Christmas Tree At My Local University


23. This Christmas Tree Made Of Bycicle Gears At My Local Bike Store

work place christmas treesCinnemaninemanas

24. Oh Chemis-Tree Oh Chemis-Tree! How Lovely Are Your Branches


25. Vilnius Airport Employees Create A Christmas Tree Made Of Confiscated Items

work place christmas treesLithuanian Airports

26. I Was At My Local Hispanic Bakery And I Saw This Christmas Tree Made Entirely Of Conchas


27. I Wanted To Make The It Department More Cheerful, So I Made This “Tree” To Help Celebrate

work place christmas treesDrgott

28. Workers On One Of Yeovil’s Busiest Roads Are Trying To Spread A Bit Of Festive Joy By Building Their Own Version Of A Christmas Tree


29. The Jager Christmas Tree We Built At My Bar


30. Fractal Christmas Tree At Cambridge Maths Department

work place christmas treesCHAD_J_THUNDERCOCK