30 Christmas Trees That Fitting Different Workplaces

We are used to seeing Christmas trees with ordinary ornaments. But if employees decide to make their own Christmas trees that are completely unordinary and fit their workplaces? There are 30 unordinary Christmas trees that are made of different kinds of stuff from books to vegetables.

1. A Very Special Christmas Tree In Public Library Created By The Librarians (Sulęcin, Poland)

work place christmas treesBotatitsbest

2. 12 Foot Farmer’s Christmas Tree Made Entirely Out Of Bell Peppers


3. Made Our Own Christmas Tree Where We Are Deployed

work place christmas treesjerm1820

4. The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation Made A Christmas Tree Out Of Guide Dogs In Training


5. My Lab Has A New Christmas Tree

work place christmas treesEarthwormEd

6. Tech Store Employees Make A Christmas Tree Out Of Sheets Of Glass


7. I Made A Bacterial Christmas Tree In The Lab

work place christmas treesLadyMario

8. Someone Made A Pointe Shoe Christmas Tree In London Coliseum, English National Opera


9. Christmas Tree In The Supermarket

work place christmas treestabb_oule

10. This Farmer Made A Very Specific Christmas Tree