30 Christmas Trees That Fitting Different Workplaces

11. Claridge Hotel’s Christmas Tree Made Of 100 Umbrellas

work place christmas treesinterior_image.ideas

12. This Tree That The Art Center Employees Put Up In My Home Town Put Up


13. Clothes Shop’s Christmas Tree


14. I Work For A Gas Company. This Is Our Christmas Tree This Year

work place christmas treesOca9

15. Walked Into This At Work Today


16. The IT Guy Where I Work Set This Up As His Decorations For Christmas

work place christmas treesMr_MozZie

17. I Work At A Whisky Distillery And We Couldn’t Get A Tree, So We Improvised


18. This Pizza Box Christmas Tree At A Local Pizza Shop


19. This Christmas Tree Made Of Latex Gloves In My Laboratory

work place christmas treespine_apple_pizza

20. I Made An It Christmas Tree Made Of Monitors