What Are Some Cheat Codes You’ve Found In The Game Of Life?


cheat codesHoboTheDinosaur

If you tuck a chicken’s head under its wing and wave the chicken in a circle, it will automatically fall asleep. It’s not a very good cheat code, but it’s still a cheat code to get you sleeping chickens.



When married don’t stop treating your significant other like you did when you were trying to win them over, it is a great way to show them you’re still as infatuated with them as you were when you first met.


cheat codesTheGarp

If any website offers a percentage coupon code like “10percentoff” try higher values like “20percentoff”, they often have them.



If you are punctual, smartly dressed, and quite friendly, you can actually get pretty far in most jobs without being that good at anything or trying very hard.


cheat codestres_chill

When my daughter was little and still believed band-aids cured things, one time she had a belly ache so I put one on her belly and it made her feel better. Power of placebos!



Underpromise and Overperform. Say you’ll achieve less than you think you will and then do more and everyone will be impressed (works well at a job)


cheat codesIgnoble_profession

Say “Thank you” instead of “I’m sorry” in most situations.

“Thank you for your patience,” is much better than, “I’m sorry I’m late.”



Act like you belong. In any situation. It will change your life. Also I’ve found that you become what you pretend to be. So be good.


cheat codesKnowsAboutMath

I had a professor in college who, while lecturing, suddenly let out a huge fart. Without pausing, he turned his head as if talking to someone behind him, said “Gesundheit,” and continued lecturing as if nothing had happened.

It immediately diffused defused any potential awkwardness and embarrassment, and I vowed to use the same strategy if the same thing ever happened to me in front of a large crowd of people.



You can borrow almost all of your textbooks from the library as a college student because of modern book rental agreements most colleges have.

WorldCAT allows you to be linked to almost any library in America, and all you have to do is find your book in the system and fill out a request form at a library and it should be there in a week. I’ve saved probably $2000 doing this in my first two years of college.


cheat codesretrogradeprogress

Doing your own research especially on the important stuff. You would be amazed about the bad information people use to make life choices.



Set the do not disturb feature on your phone to turn on from 10pm-7am.

You will sleep so much better without constant notifications from emails, games, or your mother in law who wants to send a group message at midnight because she is in a different timezone.

If you have people you want to be able to reach you (family/girlfriend/boyfriend), you can make a special list that will let only their calls/messages come through.


cheat codesJust_Curious_Duder

Walk with a purpose. For some reason, people think you’re busy and you don’t get hassled.



I have a heated throw blanket in my living room- in the winter, I wrap my coat up in it , crank up the heat and in a few minutes, my coat is toasty warm so I can brave the coldest day.


cheat codesblankbeard

As an adult you can tell almost any kid who is running to stop running and they will.