Husband Secretly Changes Photos At Home To ‘Star Wars’ Characters, Wife Doesn’t Notice

An Australian artist, who uses the name Scadam online, is a huge fan of the Star Wars. He decides to make a prank on his wife and changes some of the photos’ faces at the home to Star Wars characters’ faces. There are such interesting poses that you will see Samuel L. Jackson in a fancy dress. As eye-catching as the images are, his wife was completely oblivious to the prank. So there is a funny series with Star Wars characters in fancy dresses.

A husband from Australia decided to pull an innocent prank on his wife and started replacing their framed photos with Star Wars

After four days, his wife still hadn’t noticed these switcheroos so he decided to double his efforts

It took her 8 days to realize what was happening

Mace Windu

star wars

Obi-Wan Kenobi

star wars

General Grievous

Sheev Palpatine

star wars

Here’s what people said about the artist’s prank

star wars