Car Mechanics Share Unbelievable Pics Of What They Were Dealing With (New Pics)

11. When You’re Towing A Car Behind Your Rv, Remember To Put It In Neutral

crazy car repairMy-Roots

12. Customer States Left Rear Tire Is Flat, Please Repair


13. Customer Says “Don’t Worry, It’s Friendly”

crazy car repairprofeshonalmeechanik

14. So, We’ve Got A New Regular Customer In The Shop Now Apparently

crazy car repairFishtixMods

15. My New Carpeting

crazy car repairSuccpicious

16. There’s A Battery Terminal In There Somewhere

crazy car repairrioryan

17. Customer Asked Me To Put Their Spare Tire On. Saw A Cement Atlas Ball In The Back. Those Things Are Solid Concrete And This Thing Weights Like 150lbs. I Said No Way. I’m Not Blowing Out My Back On A Job I’m Not Being Paid For

crazy car

18. Sister Just Bought A New Nintendo Switch. This Is Her Tire. Priorities


19. How American


20. When You Dispute The Bill And Tell The Other Mechanic To Just Put The Motor Back In The Car