24 Funny Signs That Will Make You Think, #17 Is Hilariously Clever.

Dealing with customer facing roles is a tedious job. They might be demanding at times and things might also get overboard. Hence, you can put up a message or sign board stating the obvious rather answering their questions all day long. However, there have been signboards all over and hence, the next big challenge that would arise is ascertaining if people would read it or not. That is precisely when you are supposed to make use of sarcasm and some wit, so that you can grab the attention of readers. Also, they can lighten the mood of customers who are generally rude and blunt.

Scroll down to see a list of signs that will give you a moment of laugh and will also lighten up your mood. After reading this, the next time you face a customer service person, you will not be so irritated and might also end up making their day better.