The Brown Mountain Lights Of North Carolina Are An Undeniably Strange Phenomenon

Brown Mountain is situated in North Carolina, and is home to a long unidentified phenomenon that has baffled minds for over a century. Known simply as the Brown Mountain Lights, it refers to the unknown and mysterious light source that emitted from the horizon, which was first reported all the way back in 1913. Since then, scientists and paranormal investigators alike have tried to unlock the mystery behind the Brown Mountain Lights, yet so far have come up with little in the way of concrete answers. First thought to be mere reflections of lights from cars and trains, many theories have since been put forward as to what is causing the phenomenon – including speculation of alien activity.  It has long been a source of debate, and many studies have taken place to attempt to discover the origins of the light. The most recent of these is a program by National Geographic, where researchers went to see the light for itself, as well as trying to unlock the secrets behind it.