50 Photos Showcasing That Birds Can Be Really Annoying

Birds can be really annoying sometimes. To show you the hidden dark side of all birds out there, there is a compiled list of hilarious pics of birds being jerks!

1. Angry Cockatoo Tears Down Anti-Bird Spikes And Throws Them To The Ground

birds jerksIsaac Sherring-Tito

2. This Bird Waits For My Coworker To Show Up Every Morning. Then Spends The Day Looking At Itself In The Mirror And Shitting

birds jerksDeLoreanMotorCars

3. Nice Paint Job. Be A Shame If Someone…

birds jerksmike_pants

4. I Don’t Think This Bird Can Read

birds jerks10gags

5. Classic

birds jerksbumann

6. This Photo Of A Pelican Trying To Eat My Phone

birds jerkstinytoebeans0709

7. Just Try To Frigging Cage Me Again

annoying birdsJasonMcNugget1

8. [Screw] This Tree In Particular

annoying birdslittlemaryfivegrains

9. So.. Did The Bunny Grow Wings And Go To Heaven?


10. Taken One Second Before Disaster

annoying birdsneeveeann

11. This Goose Is Fery Angry


12. This Bird [friggin] Hates Spelling


13. Bird Trying To Snack On The Family Pet

annoying birdsMagTron14

14. Sometimes When Billy Is With His Friends He Can Be A Bit Mischievous

stupid birds BurvelBillWithFriend

15. This Happened


16. The Australian Firehawks

annoying birdsBoojibs

17. Who’s Laughing Now Ass****?


18. “Is This Cake Batter?!” *dunks Entire Head In*


19. Yoink!

Dave Arnold Wildlife Photography

20. Basically A Summary Of What Its Like To Own A Bird


21. Keeps Pecking The Window And Shouting At Me While I’m Trying To Work. D**k


22. Payback To The Masters

birds being jerksJohnnyLad93

23. This Hawk Has Approximately Zero F**ks To Give About The Bees

birds being jerksRganibi

24. It Looks Better On The Floor, Karen

birds being jerksjordanekebab

25. So This Dick Takes The Best Parking Spot Today

birds being jerksXDEC