Winners Of The BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition

BigPicture Natural World Photography competition announced the winners of 2021. Here are some of the winners.

bigpicture“New Kid in School” by Yung-Sen Wu

“Hope Amidst the Ashes” by Jo-Anne McArthur

bigpicture“Ice Bears” by Peter Mather

Top left: “Sign of the Tides” by Ralph Pace. Top right: “Boss” by Michelle Valberg. Bottom left: “Another Planet” by Fran Rubia. Bottom right: “Facing Reality” by Amos Nachoum

bigpicture“Nutritional Supplement” by Nick Kanakis

Left: “Rain Dance” by Sarang Naik. Top right: “Running Atta” by Petr Bambousek. Bottom right: “Beak to Beak” by Shane Kalyn

bigpicture“Taking a Load Off” by Nicolas Reusens

“Down the Hatch” by Angel Fitor