‘Anti-Homeless’ Hostile Architecture Design

This heartbreaking list displays some of the most inhumane examples of ‘anti-homeless’ designs in the cities. It seems that the homeless are most certainly not welcome when they try and find a place to sleep on the streets.

1. Someone Installs These Poles To Prevent The Homeless From Sleeping Here, They Find A Solution Anyways


2. Modern Problems Require Modern…oh Wait


3. When You’re Inclusive But Still Hate The Poor

society fights homeless inhumaneisaacazuelos

4. You’ve Got To Be The Worst Kind Of Heartless Twat If You Can Go Around Slashing Homeless People’s Tents


5. Anyone Else Find This Ironic?


6. An Eyecatching Response To Mumbai’s Homelessness Crisis


7. Bench In Volgodonsk, Russia

society fights homeless inhumaneBurpalot

8. This Man Removed ‘Anti-Homeless’ Devices From Benches And Ended In Court

society fights homeless inhumaneeuronews

9. Cut In The Shape Of An Obelisk, They Are Installed On A Private Site In Paris. Imagine A Homeless Man Who Would Lose Balance In The Middle Of This Work Of ‘Art’? Or A Child?

society fights homeless inhumaneDégustation de Bon Sens Liège

10. The Worst Example Of Anti-Homeless Architecture I’ve Ever Seen


11. Man Sleeping On A Anti-Homeless Bench

society fights homeless inhumaneChimichanga007

12. More Anti Homeless Spikes….so Much For Community Spirit


13. Anti-Homeless Architecture


14. When You Wanna Look Inclusive But Hate Homeless People


15. There Are A Few Different Varieties But They All Serve The Same Purpose

society fights homeless inhumanetx1383

Anti-homeless architecturetsprado