Stray Dog Kicked By Driver Returns With A Pack Of Friends To Trash His Car

A man got more than what he bargained for in Chongqing, China when he kicked a dog away from his parking spot. In a rather remarkable form of tit for tat, the dog came back with a couple of friends who wreaked havoc on the man’s car in revenge. They bit into his fenders and gnawed off his wipers.

The car owner may have never figured out that this car had been harassed by the same dog and friends if an observant neighbor had not taken photos of the whole episode. Do you think the man deserved this? You be the judge.

This dog wasn’t particularly happy about not being shown some respect.

dog kicked

Being a well-connected dog, he only had to get his goons to come show the car owner who was boss

dog kicked

All this was well captured on camera

dog kicked

What goes round comes around

dog kicked


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