When An Abused Dog Is Pet For The First Time, It Will Break Your Heart

Abuse stories always have a special parts in all of our hearts, whether it’s something that we want to admit or not. They are equal parts sad and equal parts inspiring, because we see people all over the world banding together in an effort to stop animal abuse. When we see videos like the one of this adorable puppy learning to love again after a hard life full of pain and fear that led her to be rescued by people who wanted better for her, it helps us all understand that abuse in animals is just as bad as that which is done to children. We need to fight it with love and compassion. Laws against it wouldn’t help either, and people all over the world are fighting for this to become a reality within our lifetimes. Videos like this help us understand that animals are much more forgiving than those who fight for their rights.  See for yourself.

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