22 Picture Proves That Should Make Norway Your Next Travel Destination

Norway offers everything in bits- lush beautiful forests, snow-capped mountain peaks, awesome displays of northern lights, incredible fjords, gorgeous coastal views, etc. Due to the unique geographical status of Norway, and considering its vast length from both ends, there is a lot of variety when it comes to different environments. People travel from far and near to visit Norway, and for several good reasons. This region is not just rich in unmatched landscapes alone, it is also ripe with history and culture. Get your travelling documents ready as the 22 pictures below prove why you should make Norway your next travel destination!

Lofoten Islands Fredvang Bridges Norway


Though, far from the tallest peak on the islands of Lofoten, Reinebringen offers some of the most breathtaking views. You need not be an expert climber to make your way up the 448-meter high peak.

Reinebringen Norway

Røros Street

This ancient time mining town has been wonderfully preserved to serve as an example of  the 17th century industrial settlement.

Røros Street Norway


Odda is one unique, historical, and beautiful town sited in the southeastern county of Hordaland in Norway

odda norway


The Trolltunga is an incredible chunk of rock that is located in Odda. It extends from both the mountain and over the lake Ringedalsvatnet’s north side.

Trolltunga Norway


Highlighted by northern lights, this pretty mountain is located in Svolvaer, an island town harboring 4,487 people in popullation.

Aurora Borelais Svolvaer Norway