Draugen Platform: An Engineering Marvel

Draugen is an oil field associated with gas in the southern part of the Norwegian Sea with a depth of 250 meters. Rising 280 meters above the water level, the Draugen platform was named after ”Draugr”, a revenant from Scandinavian mythology, to protect the platform from the harsh weather conditions prevailing on the sea. The platform, which is an engineering marvel, consists of a singular concrete column with an integrated deck, and oil transport is accomplished through a tanker via a floating buoy. Stabilized oil is stored in the tanks at the base of the facility.

Draugen Platform

The reserve was discovered in 1984. The plan for development and operation was approved in 1988, and the project of the interesting-looking platform started in 1993. The field was developed using a fixed concrete facility with an integrated topside.


The oil rig sits upon a major reservoir called Rogn Formation, an ancient marine sand bar dating back to the Late Jurassic. The second oil reservoir to the west of the ring is known as the Garn Formation and aged to the Middle Jurassic. Gas and water injections are being used to increase production and new injection wells are being drilled.

Draugen Platform
Draugen Platform