Adorable Marshmallow Cats that Melt into Your Cup

Yawahada is a Japanese marshmallow shop that is responsible for the popular CafeCat found in the city of Nagano. As you might expect from a cat-themed café, there are plenty of fun cat treats and decorations for cat-loving customers stopping by for a drink.

Now, customers can enjoy a delicious and adorable treat next time they are enjoying a hot beverage with the new floating marshmallow cats!

For a modest 860 yen (around$8) you get two marshmallow cats and four paws that can you can dunk into your drink, where they will slowly melt and add some extra chocolate or vanilla flavours, which are said to be delicious.

You can place the cats and their paws into a range of hot beverages, including heated soy milk, coffee, milk tea, or hot chocolate.

As you might expect, they have become a smash hit, although there are no current plans for international orders at this moment in time. Still, anyone heading to Nagano, Japan should definitely try seek them out!

Orders have to be place three weeks in advance due to high demands mind you, so be sure to place the order well ahead of time!

Marshmallow Shop Yawahada’s website and Facebook page