Adorable Dog Is Happy to See Owner Come Back Home

She hadn’t seen her in months 😍

Casandra Cabrera served as an army officer in US Army. She spends almost 10 years in the army and Casandra is often away from home. This time, she has been away from home for more than a year. But during this long year, her dog Missy May, never forget about her. Everyone in her family including her dog was gathered at the airport to welcome her. Of course, Casandra Cabrera never expected what she experiences at that airport.


Casandra saved Missy May from a shelter. The dog was just a pup when these two lifelong friends met with each other. Recently, Casandra’s mother Robbi shared an amazing video. This video shows how much her dog missed Cabrera. When she gets back from her duty, her dog greeted her at the airport. And the video is amazing. We can see the hearth warming relationship and deep connection between a dog and a human.

Casandra Cabrera is spending most of her time abroad.

Since she is an army officer in the US Army, she needs to go to different places.

Naturally, this meant leaving everyone behind including her dog.

She adopted a dog and named her Missy May.

When Casandra Cabrera gets back home all her family members were very excited. But her dog was more than excited to see her.

Missy May was extremely happy to see her favorite human get back home to be with her.


“I left when she had just turned 1 and wasn’t sure if she would remember me, after all, that time.”

“Her reaction absolutely warmed my heart.”

Casandra Cabrera was amazed by the reaction of her dog.

And we can witness these amazing heartwarming moments with the video her mother took.

Posted by Robbi Cabrera on Monday, November 26, 2018

This video shows the amazing relationship and friendship between a human and a dog.