9 Ways Pets Help Raise Good, Healthy Kids [INFOGRAPHIC]

Getting a cat or dog is a big decision that most families will face at one time or another as their kids grow up. But did you know that recent studies tell us that you might want to get a pet sooner rather than later?

Starting at birth, interaction with pets has major benefits for children.

Babies who were exposed to a pet have significantly fewer respiratory and ear infections than babies who do not interact with a pet.

Once they’re a bit bigger, pets can also help to instil a sense of responsibility and planning, as pets need to be exercised, fed, and cleaned up after, even when your child may not want to. Once they’re responsible for a living, breathing animal, it’s hard to shrug off that kind of responsibility!

Plus, that responsibility and close relationship with a pet also helps children learn empathy. Kids become aware of kindness and respect at an early age when there are animals around.

To find out more about these and plenty of other amazing benefits that pets give to our children, visit Catological for the full article, or have a look at this fun infographic below!

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