50 Cats Who Are Not Familiar With Personal Space

41. My Cat Walked In On Me Taking A Dump And Was Terrified

disrespecting catssnorri_sturlson

42. My Friend Caught Her Cat Spying On Her During Her Shower


43. Forgot To Close The Door While I Was Taking A Shower

disrespecting catswaterfae

44. Both My Fur Babies Were Worried About Me Being In The Bath. The Cat Was Meowing And The Dog Was Crying


45. Do Your Cats Watch You Shower? Cuz Mine Do. And They Have Done This Since They Were Kittens. Every Shower


46. “Are You Ok? You Know That Water Can Be Pretty Dangerous!” Karl Greets Me After Every Shower

disrespecting catshuphelmeyer

47. I Had To Go To The Bathroom At A Cat Café. I Got Yelled At


48. Showering, When Suddenly…

disrespecting cats


49. You Will Have No Alone Time. Ever

50. I Can’t Ever Go To The Bathroom In Peace