50 Cats Who Are Not Familiar With Personal Space

31. Every Time I Take A Bath. Never Any Privacy

disrespecting catsjumperposse

32. Today My Son, Aberforth, Learned That Sometimes Humans Willingly Take Baths


33. My Sister’s Cat Follows Me Everywhere, Here She Is Following Me To The Bathroom

disrespecting catsDerdota

34. Sup


35. My Cat Usually Showers With Me But Decided To Hop In With My Fiancé This Morning Instead. Some Things Can’t Be Unseen

disrespecting catsbillypilgrimm

36. I’ll Just Chill Here


37. Urgent? Have You Paid The Protection Fee?

disrespecting catsudonfans

38. The View From My Bathroom Window. This Is Not My Cat


39. Got Out Of The Shower And Saw This Thru The Crack Of The Door

disrespecting catswendallbear

40. Newly Adopted Stray Sees Bath For First Time