Siamese Cats: 5 Facts About Them That You Need To Know Before Adopt

Cats in a general sense are some of the absolute most amazing creatures on this planet. The Siamese cat is just one of many different breeds of the domestic feline. You may know basic things about the Siamese cats, but what about some of the more detailed or unusual facts about this beautiful, playful creature? Do you or someone you know own a Siamese cat? If you were unsure of the first question and said no to the second question, then this piece is for you. Sit back, relax, and grab your kitty cat while we discuss some amazing facts about Siamese cats.

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Siamese cats are talkative

The first fact that we will touch on is that Siamese cats are very talkative by nature. This beautiful kitty cat is never afraid to speak their mind. Most of the time when you come home you can easily expect your Siamese cat to lead the conversation and tell you absolutely everything that happened throughout his or her day. If you are not a fan of loud and constant noises from animals, then you should not get a Siamese cat. They have a very loud, raspy meow and people have actually compared their meow to that of a baby’s cry.

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Siamese cats are very social

This one may come as no surprise to some, but Siamese cats are very social animals as well. Siamese cats really dislike being alone. If a Siamese is left alone for too long he or she can actually suffer from severe depression. This is one breed you have to make sure that you have the time for. If you are one of the many people who work for large portions of the day or night outside of their home, it is recommended that you have two or more Siamese cats at one time. Having a playmate that has the same energy levels as your original Siamese cat will help keep both of them entertained for hours while you are away.

They are playful

In addition to being very social animals, Siamese cats love to have fun and play. From the time this breed is born all the way up until it is there time to pass on, Siamese cats remain playful for the entirety of their lives. This is an excellent outlet to help you bond with your cat as well. Keeping enough toys around and also rotating them around with new ones will not only help keep your Siamese cat’s attention, but the simple task of playing with your cat can really boost the special bond that you have with each other. Stimulation is what these crazy cats crave so toys that are more interactive are excellent choices for a cat breed like this. Siamese cats benefit from both body and mental stimuli.

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They want attention

Siamese cats need a lot of attention and require it on a regular basis. Depression is a huge potential problem with Siamese cats. This is why it is important to always give plenty of attention to your cat. As discussed earlier, Siamese cats greatly benefit from having a partner if you cannot be around all of the time. If you cannot give your Siamese cat the proper amount of attention, then you should not get a Siamese cat. They rely on their owners so much that it would not be enough for them. This particular breed loves being the center of attention and doing whatever they can to make themselves the center of attention.

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They are very active

Siamese cats also have a lot of energy. They can be very high maintenance in terms of cats. Siamese cats are very active and love to run around. These crazy kitty cats also love to climb so purchasing or even building your very own cat tree that is rather tall would be an excellent idea. However, this also means that you will probably find your Siamese cat climbing curtains, bookshelves, and even kitchen cabinets. Some cat owners even have shelving just for their cats to climb. This can help prevent your cat from potentially ruining your belongings. Cat trees are also great for helping to keep your cat’s nails trimmed.

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Siamese cats are incredible creatures that continue to fascinate all of us with their beauty and elegance. They make wonderful house pets and even better companions. They need lots of love and attention. If you cannot provide this for a Siamese cat then you should consider looking into another breed of cat. Remember that you can also get your Siamese cat a friend and that will also help with your Siamese cat’s attention needs.